Field Notes

Field Notes April 9

Progress Report.


[Left] This left page is about Helga, the avatar of feminine receptivity, chaos, transition, muses.  The exploration into the self.

– In frame on left page: “Amya’s Forever,” P. 2, 22″x22″ (pages open up into four additional 8″x8″ tiles)

[Center Page] The center page is about Union – simultaneously the collision of Helga [Left Page] and Carl [Right Page], and the source from which Helga and Carl originated


– Behind book: John Ruddy’s Angel

[Right Page] This right page is about Carl and inspired by Carl Sagan – the exploration of physical space, masculine activity, order and regularity

– Top of frame: Kayt Hester‘s Pillow

[On Table] Collaboration with Grassroots Community Project (Detail Below)

FIG. 2: detail of collaboration with Grassroots Community Mural (and Chelo Mercado)


 FIG 3. [Left] “Community of Tiles,” P. 2 (18″x24″ wood with collage of Turtle the Bull and found photos)