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H+C’s Wardrobes


Who is HELGA?

Helga is nature. Carl is Science.

Carl tries to understand and to explain, while Helga continues serving up new mysteries.

Helga fixes ideas into physical form. Carl takes physical observations and transforms them into ideas.

Scale With Adjustable Tension

Scale With Adjustable Tension


Chapter 4 Preview

Guitar Front by AMANMADEMAN (viewed from outside back cover of Helga and Carl) 

Guitar Back by Ray Arcadio (viewed from inside back cover of Helga and Carl)  

Helga and Carl Is…

. . . A book of philosophy, told through art and fiction.

Union of Art and Fiction


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Many thanks to Gleb Kolotov.

Field Notes April 9

Progress Report.


[Left] This left page is about Helga, the avatar of feminine receptivity, chaos, transition, muses.  The exploration into the self.

– In frame on left page: “Amya’s Forever,” P. 2, 22″x22″ (pages open up into four additional 8″x8″ tiles)

[Center Page] The center page is about Union – simultaneously the collision of Helga [Left Page] and Carl [Right Page], and the source from which Helga and Carl originated


– Behind book: John Ruddy’s Angel

[Right Page] This right page is about Carl and inspired by Carl Sagan – the exploration of physical space, masculine activity, order and regularity

– Top of frame: Kayt Hester‘s Pillow

[On Table] Collaboration with Grassroots Community Project (Detail Below)

FIG. 2: detail of collaboration with Grassroots Community Mural (and Chelo Mercado)


 FIG 3. [Left] “Community of Tiles,” P. 2 (18″x24″ wood with collage of Turtle the Bull and found photos)


Helga’s Spring make-over.  #helgaandcarl #realsims