JOHN FATHOM is a visual artist and creator of 660Studios, a 4 story Arts spacecraft in Jersey City that enables artists to manifest their creative pursuits through interaction, collaboration, mentorship, philosophy, and whiskey. 660Studios also serves as the base of operations for The Culture JC, and the home of the 660 Studios Artist-in-Residency program.  Fathom’s art consists of his signature lightboxes, resalvaged furniture, and creating the physical structures for community.  He follows a form follows function philosophy, based on his background in Industrial Design, upcycling and distressing materials to craft furniture, installations, and interiors.  His work can be seen at, and in the artistic endeavors of 660 studio artists-in-residents.

“Collission/Collusion,” (46″Wx28″H Lightbox Painting, Union)




LUCA CUSOLITO is a visual artist that works in mixed media assemblage with paper, spray paint, and glass.  When she’s not working on art, she serves her creative community as a Creative Enabler to facilitate the creative expression of artists and professionals.  Luca is a founding member of The Culture JC and The DIY Society.  You can see her work at

“G.E.C.K.” (27″Wx14″H Metal and stained wood briefcase, Pac-Man)
“Slides” (series of 14 glass and spray paint microscope slides, Union)
Insight into Pac-Man
Jersey City Arts
This website


RUVYM GILMAN is a writer and attorney, born and raised in New York City by Russian immigrants.  After graduating from NYU Law, Ruvym went on to work as an intellectual property attorney at a large New York law firm. Two years later, in 2008, he transitioned into the non-profit world and began working for the Birthright Israel Foundation. In 2007 he appeared in the spoken Monologues, a series of spoken word monologues. In 2012 Ruvym co-wrote and performed in the Lost & Found Project‘s first show Doroga, and in 2013 co-wrote and performed in Covers, now touring internationally. Ruvym’s short stories have appeared in the compilation What They Brought Back and can be found on The Kernel ( Currently Ruvym is working on a book project about Mars and a film project about a group of friends traveling to Crimea.

“The Impala That Took Us To the Edge of the Universe” (novella) – inspiration behind Carl Sagan’s avatar
“Letters to Home” (series of letters from explorers back home)

Ray Arcadio – Guitar

Reine de Blanc – “When the Stars…” (5″x5″ Clifford The Big Red Dog Book with Paint Pen)

Brittany “Bun” Elia – Notes from The Kitchen

Mark Finne – Sue(t) (39R Painted Linen Suit, Carl/Pac-Man)

Kel Ly Heaton – “Wedding Dress” (wedding dress), Carl/Pac-Man)

Chelo Mercado and the Grassroots Community Space Mural Artists (Welcome, “Open World”

Erica Price – “Swimmers” (22″x22″ book of inkjet prints, Carl)

Roland Ramos – “Mis En Place’ (12″x8″ clothe collage, Carl)

Lucy Rovetto – “Frustrated Baby Meets Vulnerable Man” (4 8″x24″ plexiglass panels, Helga)

Jade Sabatino – “Darts” (14″x18′ ark, Carl)



Bobby Tokar – Audio Director and Producer

J Hacha de Zola – Cosmonautics, guitar, voice, howls

Jade Sabatino – Chants

Jerry Ramos – Drums and 2nd Production

Timothy “Writer” Ruiz – Faith and voice

Helga – Samples

Glen Coleman – Constant Collaboration

Recorded at: 660 Studios, Jersey City, NJ and Mercury Recording Studio, Rahway, NJ