Jersey City Preview:  Saturday, May 16, 2015

Helga and Carl

6pm to 10pm // 660 Grand Street, Jersey City, New Jersey

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Interactive art. Music. Exploration.

Experience an immersive interactive 150 sq. ft. book, telling the story of artistic transformation through over 30 interactive elements, including handmade books, photography collections, and mixed media sculptures. The installation is accompanied by an original score, VOYAGER3, setting the environment of an indefinite exploratory mission into space.

Complimenrary refreshments and opportunities to collaborate on artwork. FREE ADMISSION

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6:00-7:00pm | Complimentary Refreshments
7:00pm | Opening of the Book, Premier of VOYAGER3 Score with Live Accompaniment
8:00-10:00pm | Open Viewing and Collaboration

The overarching themes of Helga and Carl are exploration, transparency and collaboration. Inspired in equal parts by 660 Studios, Carl Sagan and immigration, the story traces the development of an explorer as he meets seemingly competing value systems: of default society (represented by Pac-Man), reallignment, community, self-exploration (represented by Helga) and scientific exploration (represented by Carl). The experience of these value systems, first causes a dramatic realignment, which becomes union through a transition catalyzed by contact with a community of creators.

Helga And Carl was begun by artist Turtle The Bull

Collaborating Visual and Text Artists:
Ray Arcadio – Guitar
Reine de Blanc – When the Stars…
Luca Cusolito – Slides and G.E.C.K.
Alexandr Degtyarev – Image Readings
Brit Elia – Notes
John Fathom – Collission/Collusion
Mark Finne – Sue T
Ruvym Gilman – “The Impala That Took Us To The Edge of the Universe” and “Letters to Earth”
Kel Ly Heaton – Wedding Dress
Taty Lopez – Mandala
Chelo Mercado and the Grassroots Community-Space Mural Artists – Community Drips
Alex Pergament – Helga + Carl
Erica Price – Swimmers
Roland Ramos – Mis En Place
Lucy Rovetto – Celebration
Jade Sabatino – Darts
You – Open Collaboration

Collaborating Audio Artists:
Bobby Tokar – Audio Direction and Production
Alex Pergament – Creative Direction
J Hacha De ZoLa – Cosmonautics
Jade Sabatino – Chanter
Jerry Ramos – Drums and co-recording
Timothy Ruiz – Voice
Helga – Samples
Recorded at: 660 Studios and Mercury Recording Studio

This project sponsored in part by COJECO BluePrint Fellowship funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group. It is also sponsored by: 660 Studios, The Culture JC, Vista + CRC Imaging Group, and Tsigonia Lumber.

New York City Opening: Saturday – Sunday, June 6 – 7

Figment NYC & Art Kibbutz at Governor’s Island – Nolan Park 6B